My Favourite Links

Here is small selection of resources I would like to recommend.

The GuildFraser Valley Astrological Guild - Articles, columns, speakers, astrological news. The best of the best. I visit this one often.


  speakingAstrologically Speaking by Anne Massey - lots of articles, resources and columns. Well worth your time.

News For the - There is good news!  A refreshing view of what's
happening in the world. - Supportive facts,  suggestions and information  - This marvelous magazine highlights feature articles, showing a way to work together to enrich our world. - An exposition of body, mind and spirit pursuits and practioners.

There is a new search engine for all things metaphysical and alternative medicine and practises. Take a look see if it'll help you find what you are searching for - spirituality/astrology  This is the website of colleague Dawn Muncaster. The site features fixed stars, sabian symbols and biblical references and ancient Egyptian astrology.

Free Astrological Resources:

Astro Data Bank

Need to know what a term in astrology means check out this on-line Astrological Dictionary at Matrix

Astrology Ephemeris for 3200 years, PDF format allows you to print or download a year at a time - Annual Ephemeris

Astrology Programs for free:

Astrowin Basic Calculations, US Atlas offered by Allan Edwall - downloads quick, good features.

The unregistered Astrology for Windows shareware program is a free astrology software download. It provides experience with the look and feel of our software. Until you register Astrology for Windows for $26.50, you can save as many as 100 charts, but you can only print the two graphic wheels for your first saved chart.

Starlight from Kepler - this one even has an excellent atlas. Downloads fast.

30 day trial version of the Tara Software for horary astrology by Maurice McCann.

Matrix Software has Winstar, Tarot Oracle and more software. Lots of demo programs on this site.

Looking for just a free chart wheel - available through this site. Opens a new page, the chart wheel option is at the bottom of that page.

Tarot Sites: has a quick oracle for free free three card spread, pretty good reading. Collect karma coins for a bigger spread.

Astrology and Metaphysical Products:

Earth Spirit Emporium - This on-line site has a wide selection of books, jewelry, herbs, art, music, body and bath, and many other unusual and unique products.

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